30 Days – Day 29

Today and Tomorrow and then we’re done with this daily finished painting thing… But not with painting. I’m hooked. I’ve named the last one “Guardian.” This one’s “Guardian 2″ What do you see? Definitely click  on this one to see it bigger!

Day 29 painting

Day 29
Guardian 2
Acrylic on Gallery-wrapped Canvas
8 X 10 inches

Of course, I’m loving these abstracts, and they don’t translate too well into cross stitch, not the way I design! But that’s all right. I have different facets, and so does my art.

Feel free to email me if you’re interested in any of these! Or, I’m adding them to the Etsy shop (see sidebar) as time goes on…

Thursday we return to sewing and embroidery, for the most part. But expect returns to paintings off and on. :)

30 Days – Day 28

Day 28. Oh wow. Just wow. I kept trying to add something more realistic to this. But after the EO said, “I want it. Hang it on the wall NOW,” and my artist heart-sister said, “Knock it off, it’s done.” I stopped. This one is NOT for sale (as the EO has claimed it for…

30 Days… Day 27

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30 Days – Day 26

Day 26 is over and done, and while I did a LOT of painting, most of it’s going to be backgrounds for later work… But I really really really love the new technique. Looking forward to playing with it with more mediums and colors… Yeah. I’m definitely going to keep painting after this. But it…

30 Days – Day 25

Wow. I’m almost to the end of this. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m stocking up on paint and canvases! I don’t think I’ll be giving this up, and acrylic does seem to be my favorite medium. Mom used oil, I’ve tried watercolors multiple times, but this… this is FUN! That said, I’m still…